Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Birthday blunder

It's my husband's birthday on Friday and Father's Day on Sunday. I've bought all his presents online from overseas. I thought I was being highly organised but now fear I left my run about a week too late.

Could be a mad dash to the shops for chocolate coated peanuts and socks tomorrow morning...


  1. Nice to see you blogging, Katrina! My bday is the 31st.. I feel a bit ripped off this year having it the day before fathers day. All my special days are shoved in together! My wife probably isn't too happy about it either come to think of it..

    Hope you get the present sitch sorted.

  2. Happy birthday for Saturday Ben! Yes, it is a bit unfortunate this year but now I guess you know how people who have their birthdays on Christmas day must feel, eh?!

    Presents are sorted kind of - one arrived today and what would we do without magazine subscriptions...